Europe Bike Pictures Catalog 1-25 | 26-34

Bicycle-related pictures taken in London and Paris in 1999-2002 by Alan Forkosh. Lxx taken in London. Pxx taken in Paris.

Scans for pictures L01-L10, P01 by John Allen (Thanks, John).

Being that these pictures were taken mainly when the temperature was in the low single digits (Celsius), there were few cyclists on the road. However, in some cases, where vehicular practice diverged from the paint, I saw cyclists riding vehicularly. For example, at the Orsay ramp (P08), while I was taking the pictures, I saw a woman cyclist (normal clothing, riding a traditional French bike (large wheels, short wheelbase, swept back bars)) cross over to the next lane before the start of the ramp, rather than following the bike lane to the signal. Similarly, on a one-way street in front of the Centre Pompidou, there was a shared bike-bus lane on the right with raised reflectors on the outside of the lane. A cyclist, dressed in normal clothes, riding a traditional French bike passed me on riding on the left side of the street.

l01albert_bridge l02_chelsea_1 l03_chelsea_2 l04_racks l05_footway
L01Albert Bridge.jpg L02 Chelsea 1.jpg L03 Chelsea 2.jpg L04 Racks.jpg L05 Footway.jpg
l06_oxford1 l07_oxford_2 l08_boltons_1 l09_boltons_2 l10_city_path
L06 Oxford1.jpg L07 Oxford 2.jpg L08 Boltons 1.jpg L09 Boltons 2.jpg L10 City path.jpg
l11_south_ken_racks l12_st._pauls_asl l13_queen_st_1 l14_queen_st_2 l15_queen_st_3
L11 South Ken Racks.jpg L12 St. Pauls ASL.jpg L13 Queen St 1.jpg L14 Queen St 2.jpg L15 Queen St 3.jpg
l16_island_grdn_1 l17_island_grdn_2 p01_eiffel_lane p02_maraislane p03_bike-bus_lane
L16 Island Grdn 1.jpg L17 Island Grdn 2.jpg P01 Eiffel Lane.jpg P02_MaraisLane.jpg P03_Bike-Bus lane.jpg
p04_rivolilane p05_whatdoesthismean p06_sharedsidewalk p07_sharedsidewalkend p08_orsaylanejump
P04_RivoliLane.jpg P05_WhatDoesThisMean.jpg P06_SharedSidewalk.jpg P07_SharedSidewalkEnd.jpg P08_OrsayLaneJump.jpg