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Concerning Mac Malware

Discussion on websites and email lists have prompted me to write up some of my thoughts on the recent outbreak of Mac malware. 

1) Most viruses these days attack systems that, for various reasons, haven't caught up on security patches. For example, in the last week, there was a discussion about a trojan horse on the Mac that was transmitted through the opening of Word documents by a vulnerable version of Word. That vulnerability was noted and patched against in 2009. So if you have installed any Word security patches in the last 3 years, you're safe from this.

2) The latest Flashback version was a variation of this where Apple took the role of the irresponsible user. …

Welcome to my blog

A bit late to the party, I've decided to start a blog.  I plan this to be respoitory for occaisional thoughts and ramblings on items that strike my fancy. I don't plan to post on any regular schedule. but will post when I have something to say. As sort of preview, you might be interested in looking at a posting concerning community bike systems that John Allen was kind enough to post on his site a few months ago.

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