Late Spring Yosemite Trip


I usually attend an event in Paso Robles during Memorial Day weekend. This year, rather than returning immediately to the Bay Area, I decided to spend the next week exploring some easily accessible areas of Yosemite National Park that I still had not seen. I spent two nights at Wawona in the southwestern area of the park a spent a day heading up to Glacier Point. I then crossed the park to a base closer to the Hetch Hetchy area which I then explored. Along the way, I checked out part of the Valley now that the vacation crush has started.

Naturally, I have posted the photos on You can explore the photos in two different ways:

1) I have posted galleries of 15 to 40 photos for each area of the trip. You can access that collection at

2) If you’d rather just click through all the photos, go to You can also view a slide show of all the photos by going this link and clicking the right-facing arrow in the top right portion of the page.

Photos from previous trips to Yosemite Valley are accessible from

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