Sunday, January 13

Pictures from Sunday are here

The weather forecast was for colder and clearing weather. It got colder but the overcast remained and thickened by evening to a heavy, cold drizzle. I started the day in the neighborhood at the Pantheon and then hustled over to St Sulpice and got to see Daniel Roth in the organ loft. Off to the Marais for lunch break and then up to an odd corner on the northeastern edge of Paris to check out an entertaining name for a transit stop (hey, it's a excuse to see non-tourist parts of town). Anyway, it was a quick trip back to familiar parts on the RER and then I visited another local attraction, the Cluny Museum.

Paris - 2013-01-13 at 14-20-44

Monday promises to be even colder but clear, so I may visit some places that require sun. The clouds are supposed to start returning on Tuesday with maybe some rain and/or snow for my departure on Wednesday. However, given the reliability of the forecasts to this point, I'm not banking on it.


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