The Giant Forest


By Tuesday, I apparently had acclimated to the altitude and set out to hike through the Giant Forest from the General Sherman Tree to the Museum. I rode a park bus from the parking lot for the Sherman Tree to a shuttle stop near the tree, avoiding a walk down many stirs (hard on my knees).  After visiting the largest currently living tree, I started down the Congress Trail toward the Senate and House groups of trees, paying my respects to The President and Chief Sequoyah along the way. After passing the House and seeing McKinley, I turned down the Alta Trail. Passing Lincoln, I took a short spur to the remains of Washington and then came to the break in forest at the Bedrock Mortors. After traversing the rockier terrain, I entered a mixed forestwhile traversing a slope above Deer Creek. Finally, I hit the junction with the Big Trees trail, and after eating my packed lunch, heade across the Highway to Round Meadow, site of the ranger walk and bear sighting last year. Paying my regards to Ed (by Ned), I passed Clara Barton on my way to the shuttle stop. 

I shuttled back to the General Sherman tree for a ranger talk and then returned to Wuksachi for dinner that evening.

Pictures for the day are here

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