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•Photo Notes —  All photos were taken on an iPhone 7. In order to capture the full height of some of the Sequoia, I created vertical panoramas, so you may see some distortion.

•Auto Notes — I travelled 1043 miles round trip from home over the 9-day trip. My 2016 Prius averaged 52.5 mpg. I started with an almost full tank of gas and filled up twice during the trip: on Sunday morning in Burbank, CA and on Saturday morning in Fresno, CA.  A day by day log is here.

•Connectivity Notes — Cellular and Internet services were almost non-existent in these parks. There was intermitent satellite interset service as the Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia while the only reliable service in Grant Grove Village was in the area between the registration desk and the restrooms in the John Muir Lodge. The main lounge on the other side of registration had intermitent service at best. Nonbe of it was robust enough to aloow one to backup or edit one’s photos. While this is not critical, I find it amusing that Apple’s last 4 computer operating systems* have been named for regions where the ability to use Apple’s interconnection services is almost non-existent. Perhaps Apple would want to deidicate some funds to encourage the government, concessionaires, communications companies, and public utilities to use existing right-of -ways to provide most robust services in the developed areas of the National Parks and Monuments in the area.

*Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra

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