Falls, Meadows, and Views

On the last day of the trip, I packed and checked out and then hiked the loop to Lower Yosemite Falls. It had been cold overnight, so there was ice from the mist sprayed on the walls of the upper falls. In shaded areas alond the creek below the falls, there were substantial patches of snow. Pictures here.


Once I returned to the road, I crossed over to Cook’s Meadow. A large pond was present in the meadow, praboaly created by the flood the previous weekend.I made my way to Sentinel Bridge to recapture the famous picture of Half Dome over the Merced River. I continued along the path between Sentinel Meadow and Southside Road to Swinging Bridge and more pictures of valley walls and falls over the swollen river. I then returned to my car at the Lodge through Leidig Meadow. Pictures here.


As I drove out of the Valley, I made one last stop at an almost forgotten viewpoint, Valley View. Before congestion in the valley became severe, people were able to drive into the valley on Northside Road and access this this spot along the Merced River, just east of the Pohono Bridge, the westernmost of the Valley bridges. Now, because it’s positioned on the exit road, it is where one can get a final view. Picture here.


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