Full Day in the Valley


After breakfast, I took the Valley shuttle to Happy Valley and hiked toward Vernal Falls on the Mist Trail. Being early, the trail was uncrowded. It had been cold the night before and bridge over the Merced River below the falls was slippery with black ice. After stabilizing myself and taking a few pictures, I ontiued up the trail toward the falls. About 1/3 mile beyond the bridge, a view of the falls emerged from beyond a cliff. I took a few photos and then retraced my path to the bottom. I shuttled to the Camp Curry (now Half Dome Village) area where I spied a coyote and shot some photos of Half Dome. Pictures here.


I then shuttled to the main village for lunch. Afterwards, I walked up the road to the Majestic (Ahwahnee) Hotel, shooting pictures of the enveloping scenery. After hanging out in the meadows and along the old road leading to Mirror Lake, I returned to the Lodge. That evening, I returned to the Hotel for dinner in the magnificent dining room. Pictures here.

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