To the Valley

So, on Tuesday, I headed to Groveland, a small town that serves as the gateway to Yosemite on Hiway 120. Friendly Grizzlies at the local carwash greeted me. 


Wednesday morning, I continued to the road summit at Crand Flat and then a gradually descended on Big Oak Flat Road to the west end of the Valley. Along the way, there were glimpses of Half Dome and of the Merced River Canyon. Before the final descent, the road bridged the upper reaches of Tamarack and Cascade Falls. Photos here


Once reaching the valley, the first stops are along the south wall of the valley: Bridalveil Falls and Tunnel View. From these stops, there are views of the falls, other west valley falls, and the massive rock structures of El Capitan and the Cathedral complex. Photos here


Finally, I reached Yosemite Lodge and took an afternoon stroll to Yosemite Falls and Yosemite Village before checking in. Dinner that night was in the Lodge restaurant with a view of the falls. Pictures here.


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