Yosemite — April 2019

IMG 0714

For the past few years, I have been spending a few days in Yosemite Valley during the spring. I think that spring is the ideal time to visit the valley. Crowds are light, and the falls are full with melt from the winter’s snow.

 This year, I wanted to add a visit to the Mariposa Grove, the prominent stand of sequoias at the southern entrance to the park. The grove had been closed to visitors for several years while roadways were removed from the grove and trails reimagined to provide a better experience for visitors.  

IMG 0962

Because the Grove didn’t actually open until mid-April, I ended up visiting toward the end of the month. I, of course, took many pictures which can be found in galleries on my photo site. The galleries are divided by activity. I have also created two special galleries: a highlight gallery selecting the best photos from the whole trip and a gallery that displays all the trip photos in chronological order.

Note that if you click the “i” under a photo, you will be able to view technical details about the photo and be able to access an excellant map (much better than Google Maps or Apple Maps) showing where the photo was taken.

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